Saturday, March 11, 2023

Introducing - Events to Phone

Adding an event to your phone calendar is usually a simple task. However, this is not always the case.

Have you ever needed to add these kinds of event(s) to your phone?

  • Event with lengthy text for the event description.
  • Event with address you have it on your PC screen.
  • Need to add more than one event / multiple events.
  • You wish to add events from an iCalendar file (.ics) to your phone that you recently received.

Creating these events on your computer is significantly simpler.

You can use your PC to create these events using works in conjunction with iCal Event Maker (also made by me), to make this happen.

It is easy and free.

Go to and select "Events to Phone". This will lead you to iCal Event Maker web site. 


iCal Event Maker is mainly used for generating iCalendar file (.ics). However, events can also be exported to your phone instantly using

Click "New" button to start.

Enter your event information. Click "Save & New" if you have more than one event to enter. Click "Save & Close" once you are done.


If you already have an iCalendar file (.ics), either use "Load .ics file" functionality on iCal Event Maker, or use "File to Phone" functionality on

Review the list of events on your screen and click "Export Events".

On the next scree, you can add reminder and some additional options.

Click "Add to Phone" button.

The app should show you a QR code. Use your phone to scan this.




This should prompt your phone for adding it to your calendar.


I hope this tool is useful for you.


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