Wednesday, February 29, 2012

iCal Event Maker updated with Load icalendar file function.

The icalendar file generator tool iCal Event Maker has been updated few time for minor changes and bug fixes. Now the tool has a new functionality that is worth a blog entry.  The tool now has load functionality where you can load the ".ics" file generated by this tool and edit the events.

Just click the"Load" button next to the "New" button to load an existing .ics file.

Note: This functionality is not tested with icalendar event file that was generated by other tools.

For more information about this tool, read the About Page

Saturday, February 4, 2012

iCal Event Maker released!!

iCal Event Maker is a free online tool where you can generate iCal file.

You can use the generated .ics file to share events with others.

Host it in your intranet to share the events with your team member.
Host it on the web and share the events to the world.
Send it via email so peolpe can import it into their calendar.

Check it out at iCal Event Maker

For more information go to the 'About' page: About.htm