Monday, November 4, 2013

Updated: 12H/24H time display, New event dialog, and export file filename.

A tool to create iCal (iCalendar .ics) event file has been updated.

1. 24 Hour Clock (military time) time display.
You can now choose either 12H (AM/PM) time display or 24H time display.
Use the following switch to change the display on the page:

2. New Event Dialog.
When "Save" is clicked, the dialog will remain open to make it easier to enter multiple events at once.
"Save & Close" will close the dialog after saving it.

3. Download file name.
The tool will now use the "Title" field as a file name for the download.

All of the changes were made possible because of the suggestions I got through the feedback I received.

Thank you!

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