Monday, August 20, 2012

Feed iCalendar (.ics) file with dropbox

It is easy to host an iCalendar feed so other people can subscribe to it, even if you don't have your own hosting environment.

One solution is to use dropbox.

Dropbox allows you to share your files publicly by putting the files in the 'Public' folder.

*Update 3/6/2013*
I just realized that Dropbox made a change to how you can make your file public.
The following method can still be achieved, but for some the instruction might be little different.
Please read dropbox's article about this.
*End Update*

Here is how you can do this using the iCalendar feed creator tool. You can also use any other tool that can generate an .ics file.

  1. Create some events you want to share.

  2. Click "Generate iCal" button.
  3. Click "Download iCal File" to start the download.

  4. Save the file to your dropbox's Public folder.

  5. Navigate to the downloaded file, right click and choose "Copy Public link". This will put the public url of this file into the clipboard.

    The link will look something like this:

  6. Share the dropbox link to people who you want to share the event with. Many calendar application will allow you to subscribe to the iCalendar events (feed) hosted with dropbox.

    Note: the events will be public. Anyone who knows (or who can figure out) the url can access the feed.


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  7. Upload the iCalendar (.ics) file to your Dropbox account. You can do this by either dragging and dropping the file into your Dropbox folder or by clicking on the "Upload files" button on the Dropbox website.

    Once the file is uploaded, right-click on it and select "Share".

    In the sharing window that appears, you can either enter the email address of the person you want to share the file with or generate a link that you can send to them.

    If you choose to share the file via email, the recipient will receive an email with a link to the file. If you choose to generate a link, you can copy the link and share it with the recipient through a messaging app or email.

    The recipient can then download the file from the link and add it to their own calendar application, such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.

    That's it! Your iCalendar file is now shared with the intended recipient via Dropbox. Digital Marketing Agency Dallas