Tuesday, March 26, 2013

iCalendar feed generator - Copy functionality added

Copy functionality was added to the iCal Event Maker.

It makes it little easier to create similar events in the same feed.


  1. Icl file does not work in outlook Please fix this

  2. You can take the following actions to give your iCalendar feed generator copy functionality:

    The iCalendar feed should provide a "Copy" button next to each event.

    Create a duplicate of the event after clicking the "Copy" button, then add it to the iCalendar feed with a new UID (unique identifier).

    Depending on the user's preferences, modify the duplicated event's start and end times. A copy of the event with the same start and end times, a copy of only the day or time, or a copy of a certain range of dates and times are all possibilities you might offer.

    Edit the event's summary and description to reflect the fact that it is a copy.

    To the iCalendar feed, save the copied event.
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  3. A device or piece of software known as an iCalendar feed generator enables you to create and exchange iCalendar feeds, sometimes referred to as ICS feeds, which are used to share and disseminate events. Online Supervision of accounting departments resources for creating iCalendar feeds include standalone software, web-based apps, and plugins for content management systems like WordPress.

  4. The title, date, time, place, and description of the event must usually be included when creating an iCalendar feed. You can also provide more information with some iCalendar feed producers, like images, files, and Expo Website URLs.

  5. You may propose a duplicate of the event with the same beginning and ending times, a copy of only the day or time, or a copy of a range of dates and hours. Bookkeeping Services For Small Business